What Is The Best Tablet For Europe?

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    I don't own, but am looking to buy.
    [h=2][​IMG] Best Tablet for Europe?[/h]
    Hi. I'm new to this forum, and have joined hopping to get advice about which tablet will best suit my purposes. We will be traveling to Europe and would like to purchase a tablet for use as a camera, for entertainment for a child, and to stay connected to the internet in case of family emergency, as well as GPS in case we get lost.
    We will only be traveling for about 2 weeks, so I would prefer not to add a lengthy contract.

    We have been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 _7in, but now am told it won't work in Europe because it doesn't have GSM capabilities. This is disappointing, because I was hoping to spend around $200.

    What tablet(s) would you recommend for our purposes?



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