What kind of pandigital do I have

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel' started by DigitalPanda, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Pandigital Novel 7" Black w/ Terminater's firmware
    Hi, I have a pandigital 7' black. Model # PRD07T20WEL1. If I'm off a little, remember, the numbers are very small.
    Is it a QVC or a BPDN? I used terminaters firmware to upgrade S64N_SLSB_PDUI_PD_20110302.dat but mine read as S64N_SLSB_PDUI_PD_20110301.dat I think its at 1.5, not sure though.
    Can I upgrade to Android 2.2 ? I did look at other posts but couldn't find what I needed.
    If I need to again, where can I find Ternimaters firmware update? Again, looked around but not sure where it is.

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