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Discussion in 'Nook Color Technical' started by ccarpenter, Mar 14, 2011.

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    I currently have the NC Version 1.1.0 rooted using AutoNooter 3.0. It is working exactly the way it should.

    Is there any reason I should try to upgrade to Froyo or Honeycomb? If I do, will I lose the settings / apps that I already have in place?

    If an upgrade is reasonable, which ones should I look at doing?

    Any and all help is appreciated!
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    Jan 12, 2011
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    I would stay away from Honeycomb right now. It is not ready for prime time yet. It will just give you headaches.

    If you install a custom Rom to eMMC (internal memory) it will completely erase everything. It puts a totally new custom android operating system on your device.

    Before installing a custom Rom you should have already made a backup with clockwork recovery. You can back up your apps with titanium backup, but it is best to re-download them from the market and just restore data with titanium backup.

    You will loose the Nook interface completely and have to use the Nook app from the market for reading books.

    Phiremod beta2(not v2) is a good stable froyo Rom. There is also Nookie froyo and some Gingerbread Roms I have not tried yet. Read the threads on these Roms to see what the errors are and what is working/not working. They all seem to have certain glitches right now, but some of these Roms can be used as daily drivers.

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