What Tablet is this.?... its not what you think

Discussion in 'WonderMedia Based' started by yudhistre, Sep 5, 2011.

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    Hi all, I have one exactly like this

    Sunsky - aPad 2, 9.7 inch Touch Screen Android 2.2 (Support Flash 10.1) aPad 2 Style Tablet PC with WIFI & Dual Cameras, RJ45/2 USB Port Adapter, Support TF Card and up to 16GB, 360 Degree Menu Rotate, CPU: VIA WM8650, 600MHz

    I have tries all forms of firmware.... I get the singularity M008s to start up but it sticks on the loading screen....

    THE only rom i have gotten to work is "Universal Uberoid WM8650 1.5.2 HoneyCombMOD v8" with option 19.... i.e. M008s

    BUT the tablet is not an M008s... so the camera does not work on this rom....

    Could someone please help me to identify a working rom for this Unknown tablet..


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