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Discussion in 'Nook' started by mooniegt, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Just curious if someone has an inside scoop about new builds that are almost here? I have not seen a new Froyo or Gingerbread build (based on thread titles at XDA dev) in a while. It looks like the Honeycomb preview builds are dead in the water (presumably because people are working on a new build based on the xoom release?).

    Anyone have their ear to the ground regarding these three OSs? I think I'm going to give the Froyo Beta2 a try when I find the time, just curious about what's around the corner.

    Oh, and I think B&N should have 2.2 out in a month or so right...
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    I would guess since full HC sdk was just released late last month, the preview version would be dead and someone is working on the full version for us. Cyanogenmod is steady working on 2.3. while the froyo beta2 lives well for most of us but the author moved on to 2.3. Hopefully others will continue his work on froyo.

    The B&N game plan is rumored to be this:
    1. Enable developer mode in 1.1 and new SDK – Jan 2011
    2. Create ingestion, approval, merchant support for developer with backend systems – Feb 2011
    3. Deliver Android 2.2+ Flash/AIR support – Feb 2011
    4. Launch application support on NOOKcolor – March 2011

    but so far since its already March, I haven't heard any more news. Maybe they are just behind., we can only hope. :)

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