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Discussion in 'Coby Tablets' started by guiri, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Guys, this is from my Tablet vs Netbook thread here. Can you guys tell me what the differences are between these Coby tablets? I see the obvious, 7" vs 8", Android 2.2 vs 2.3 but is that it and could you please give me the pros of the different models. I may yet try one to see if I like it. Like I said, the instant on is a very big plus. When you power these things down or suspend them, how long do they usually last on a charge or does the charge even run out when you power them down?
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    Note! I would like to be able to watch videos on you tube so if the android version makes a difference there, please let me know. Again, NO gaming or GPS for me. GPS is something I could use but I don't HAVE to have it, I have that in the truck and I NEVER play games. Internet (as in browser) and possibly document viewing are the most important things.

    Are there any apps that you can draw with or that have handwriting recognition an ANdroid and if so, would I need a capacitive or resistive screen? I see that Coby is coming out with one with capacitive. Not sure what's best for what I want.

    Do you guys use screen protectors for the tablets and will they run ok with one on?



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