Which Tablet is most popular in the Uk

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    Hi all, i am based in Vietnam and have access to lots of factories here that make the Androids and have been dropshipping them for a little while to a few ebayers.

    I am still a little confused which will be the popular ones in the Uk in particular.

    I have been focussing on the Apad IRobots, 7 and 10.2 inch both the cheaper 1.6 and the more expensive 2.1 versions, Rockchip and telechip. My supplier has a few of the 2.2 models but they are not that cheap so I haven't bought any.

    Do you think focussing on just 1 model is the right thing to do? I love these androids, i really think they are going to take off. The models i have are all pretty quick and have responsive screens and do all the right things so what exactly are the pro's of the 2.2?

    How much better are the 2.2 models, as you can imagine Asian people talk the talk and talk a lot so its hard to trust what they always say, especially when the unit price is that much higher.




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