Wi-Fi Disconnect When Using Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0' started by Mountainbikermark, Sep 11, 2013.

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    I first want to say the Note8 is by far the best tablet I've ever used.
    I do have a question though about a possible bug somewhere.
    When I'm using Bluetooth for music, have multi screens open with Power Amp being one of the screens, my Wi-Fi will disconnect when idle and will not reconnect until I turn off Bluetooth or reboot the device.
    I am stock, non rooted, 4.1, using Nova Launcher, 2.4 ghz on Linksys e1000 router with latest firmware and a strong signal when it drops and it only happens with the above scenario. From that point it says the router is out of range until I do the above written work around.
    I know I could just not run Power Amp in the multi window but it kinda defeats the purpose of multi window if I have to pick and choose which will work without bugging up the device.
    Thank you very much for your help

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