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    I am thinking about buying an iPed Tablet (800 MHz, 256MBytes, Froyo OS). I would like some input about Wi-Fi ISP's for this device, or such providers in general. I am not interested in 3G or 4G ISP's, because of price and my experience with 3G on my Samsung JunkPhone.

    The specific question I have, is this:
    Is it worth paying for a Wi-Fi service, like Boingo, that "adds many thousands" of hotspots, in addition to the freebies? I realize that there are many "free" Wi-Fi hotspots, but "free" usually comes with some conditional purchase, like "You have to buy a Big Mac to sit here and use our Wi-Fi, buddy."

    So, if you have used a particular service, like Boingo, how was it and what did it cost?

    Wayne P. Muckleroy

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