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    I kno this topic is pretty broad, and i kno the wi-fi in the device is pretty bad. What i wanted to know is that: is the wi-fi in the device as good as the wi-fi in the iPod Touch 2g? I wanted to kno because i have a belkin router and i get 3/5 bars of wi-fi, on my laptop, in my living room, when the router is in my bedroom, and an iPod touch gets 2/3 bars. It is about a 50ft. or so distance, and i wanted to kno if the wi-fi card would reach. I just ordered the device today, and am supposed to get it next week sometime. I would like to kno this in advance. Please someone help me out.

    P.S. if there are any other important things about the wi-fi on the device i should know, please let me kno.

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