Wifi Disconnect Policy keeps changing itself

Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by Ade977, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Acer Iconia A500
    Hey everyone. I've been viewing this forum pretty much since the A500 came out and it has solved most of my issues. However, I can't seem to find an answer for this one. Recently, my A500 has been changing the Wifi Disconnect Policy from "When screen turns off" to "Never." I'll go back and change it, and later it will just change back! Also, it seems as though the wifi stays on sometimes regardless of what the disconnect policy is because I'll turn the screen on and immediately see notifications for new e-mails and updated apps and then make sure the policy says "when screen turns off."

    I've tried restarting the tablet but it doesn't seem to help. This has obviously been very frustrating because my battery has been draining much more rapidly. Has anyone else had and fixed this problem?

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    I've seen some phones where it seems to have a mind of its own as well.
    Happened on the early Nexus One phones.

    If you are near a wifi network, it actually uses less battery to stay on wifi than it takes to drop off
    and have to get back on each time an email check happens. This has been tested to death
    on lots and lots of different android platforms, and the result is always that wifi disconnect NEVER offers better battery
    performance than any other setting.

    Set your screen brightness down a tad, and set your mail check interval to no more often than 30 minutes kill
    off your face book app and you should have enough battery to last all day.

    Android 101: Save battery by keeping Wifi alive | Android Central
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