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    Hello bought this tablet:
    - 7" resistive 2-pt touch, 800x480, no-name on back
    - Green LED on boot, red on charge, no vibration on boot
    -wm8650 800 mhz + 300 mhz DSP
    - front .3 mp camera
    -30-pin connector for rj45 and USB box
    - Box says MID and no
    company name
    - Does not have any reset pin/hole on the tablet
    off craigslist a while ago, I have not been able to use it.

    On boot the screen flashes 5 times and the displays 'system is damaged, please try recover from external storage.'

    I've tried flashing using the external sd but no matter what firmware / button combination I try nothing changes.

    I've opened her up and she has a 4gig mini sd inside, I removed it and checked it out on my pc to find out there is nothing on the card whatsoever.

    Is there anyway to flash the internal sd while plugged into my pc? Simple as copying the correct firmware directly into it?

    I've done quite a bit of research here and on other forums mainly but I haven't been able to flash the unit at all. This is my first android tablet.

    Thanks for reading, I'm glad this site and it's community are here. Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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