WM8650 Tablet PC, No Touchscreen 7", No Sound & No battery correct status !!!

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    Hello friends !

    My tablet was working fine but i am unable to set its brightness- always gives me error, then i decide to install new modroid-v11-lite, After that i have lost my touchscreen, sound & battery right information, otherthings runs fine. Please help me to revive my tablet pc, tell me what to do next to fix touchscreen, sound & battery status.. alway shows 100% :( i have attached original Android Assistant info which is running on modoroid-v11-lite..

    Here are some details & specifications:

    The Device

    * Name: Cherry Funpad Tablet PC C7FP, It's no real company name I think. before flash i saw Android software says its wondermedia 8650..

    Technical Specification

    * CPU - 800 MHz
    * Memory - 256 MB (Android Assistant says: 208 MB)
    * NAND - 4 GB
    * MicroSD slot
    * Screen - 800*480
    * Ports: Charger port, headphones (black port), 24 pin port (but on the box is written: 30 pins. So maybe I counted wrong)

    Original ROM info

    * Kernel:
    * Build number: generic-eng2.2 Froyo Ver1.5.3 (i don't know original install version that came with this tablet)

    ---- Other

    * Vibrates on startup (now its not vibrates... or i forgot its vibrating or not)
    * Green LED on standby, RED when charging
    * 2 point touch screen
    * Front camera
    * Front LED

    ---- Android Assistant info (but I don't know if that gives real data - I have installed Modroid rom and maybe this sets wrong data ?)

    * Manufacturer: Wondermedia
    * Model: WM8650
    * Device: thunderg
    * Product: thunderg
    * Brand: LGE

    $2012-11-03-18-45-01.png $2012-11-03-18-46-59.png $2012-11-03-18-48-46.png $2012-11-03-18-53-12.png $2012-11-03-18-54-10.png


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