WM8650: Video player stops after 50-55 minutes

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Video' started by jmlondon, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Hi there

    I've bought a WM8650 from China and cannot watch movies as the player stops after around 55 minutes and can't go any further,the movie is OK, divx, and as I say I can watch it perfectly until it stops, it happens with different players and movies, has anyone had a similar experience or any clue how to resolve the problem?

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    I don't have the same device, but I ran into something similar with a NOOKtablet.

    The NT doesn't like files that are larger than 2GB, so when I play an HD file on it (from an SD) that is larger than the 2GB, it basically stops playing when it gets to that point in the file.

    Did you try any other movies, or are you experiencing that with just one?

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