Would a re-install of 2.1 help cure a few issues and would rooting help with........

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    I have had a MID 5XA for a couple of months and though on the whole it works well enough it has a few bugs that I'm finding a real pain and I would like to fix them.
    The two biggies are the inability to add any widgets, I can download them but just can't add them to a screen and secondly the date and time will not save.
    The tablet came with 2.1 installed, but I have a feeling that it was updated by the supplier and if I do a factory reset it may go back to something much lower.
    I'd like to try a full restore, do you guys think that this could fix the problem or could it be a fault?
    Also if I was to consider rooting the unit would this give me the oppportunity to increase the resolution by using the appropriate app? I'd like to do this as when I output the image via HDMI the picture is to big and blocky.
    I am a bit of a noob, so any pointers on where to look sticky wise would be great.
    Many thanks

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