XOOM's Stock browser problem

Discussion in 'Motorola Tablets' started by sandpants, Jan 1, 2012.

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    XOOM MZ406
    I got a XOOM MZ406; I am trying to open a certain webpage on it. What happens on a PC is that a certain file downloads on to the machine, perhaps an XML file or PDF.
    Now when I do that with the stock browser on the XOOM tablet, nothing happens when I open that page, no files go anywhere. I have tried 2 other browsers, Dolphin and Firefox. Out of all 3, only firefox does it like the PC. I get the "Continue this action with the following [application]" or something similar, it downloads the file, and an appropriate application opens it.

    I have been told for the past 3 hours to go along with Firefox, but I be damned if I have to use that slow thing with its side Tabs.

    Anyone know what gives? Thought the stock browser is somewhat chromish. PCs Chrome handles that page perfectly, and android browsers don't want to.


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