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    Hi everyone ,,

    Last week i have bought ( 7"mid tablet 8650 ) for my wife with the below specifications :
    Model Number:VIA8650
    Processor Main Frequency:800MHz
    Memory Capacity:256MB
    Hard Drive Capacity:2G
    OS: Android 2.2 (support flash 10.1)

    I have some problems and need your help please :

    Microphone Problem :
    The mic not working with any voice chat applications like :
    Fring : i can hear but they cant hear me
    MSN Mercury : send voice clip button ( not active )

    I have tested the mic to record voice or record video clip through camera and its working fine !!

    Games Problem :
    Angry birds : installed but when open it just give blue screen !
    pool break : very very slow and balls not appears well in full shape !
    Football kicks : not opening at all !
    Pottery : install failed

    i dono if its flash problem or 3d problem !!

    some applications problems

    Skype: i have tried to install 2 versions and was not able to sign in
    first one keeps signing in for hours with no luck to log in
    the other give me this msg : Skype has stopped working. Would you like to sign in again or exit Skype

    Scydo app : signed in but when make call i dont hear anything and sure they cant hear me

    Battery : run out too fast !

    Your help please !!:confused:
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