youtube app and google play market DOES NOT LOAD! PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Asus TF300 Forum' started by perdytf300, Feb 5, 2013.

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    asus transformer tf300

    i hope someone can help me. I use youtube constantly but the youtube videos hardly load when im using the youtube app that comes with the tf300. i have to keep hitting "retry" in order for the video selection to load up. I know its not my internet connectiong because web browsing and all my other apps load fine. This goes for the Google Play app as well.. can someone help me?
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    Welcome to the forum

    Despite your feeling that the connection is OK, I have my doubts. However I suggest since it's 2 apps you are having issues with you might want to do a hard reset. No data will be lost and things may very well start working properly.

    Has this always been an issue?

    Here are the hard reset instructions.
    Cold Boot (aka Hard Reset)
    Unplug the power cord and shut the unit off. Press and hold the VOL DOWN and then POWER button at the same time for at least 10-12 seconds until after the start-up screen appears and is joined by some small print at the top left of the screen then let them both go. If the TF booted the way it always does, you have not accomplished the task, try again until you have seen the 2 icons, (if you have Jelly Bean there will be 4 icons, the left most being RCK, which is correct), in the screen.

    After a few seconds you should see a couple of shapes in the middle of the screen called "Wipe Data" and "Android". The right "Android" will have a green highlight fading in and out. Wait a few more seconds until the term "Cold Booting Linux" appears in the list near the top of the screens and let it reboot. If you own a keyboard dock be sure you do this with the dock connected. If you are using JB there will be 4 icons, disregard the 2-4 icons unless instructed and the 1st icon (RCK) will be flashing..

    This applies to all TF models, however, if your Prime or Infinity are locked up, there is a reset available using the hole just below the SD Card slot, this is NOT the same as a hard reset.

    A cold boot [AKA hard reset] does not delete any data.

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