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    Yukon Gold Solitaire was designed to work well and look nice on all screen sizes, including tablets like the Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom. You might consider solitaire a boring topic, but it remains a very popular game. I like to play Yukon and Spider myself, which are among the dozen games and variations in the app. When I first started using Android, I tried many of the solitaire apps out there. They all had various problems, so I set out to build something better. I've noted that over a third of my users are tablet users, so I wanted to spread the word. If you want a good solitaire game for your tablet, please give Yukon Gold Solitaire a try. Test the free demo version first, if you like.

    Yukon Gold Solitaire in the Android Market

    (I hope this is not considered spam. I previously got permission from an admin to post to one of the daughter forums, and I'm presuming it to extend here, as well. If not, I apologize. Since I know the app works well on tablets, it seemed reasonable to come straight to you, the tablet community.)

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