Yx10a03 sd card shows 0.00 bytes available...

Discussion in 'Ice Cream Sandwich' started by Rescue25, Mar 12, 2013.

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    I'm trying to work on fixing this tablet that will not access the sd card. I've checked around I cannot see why I cannot get in touch with the manufacturer. This tablet belongs to a friend and it sort of works. It will read a flash drive but when I place the sd card in the tablet it will not read it. I cannot find out if the tablet has a memory limit it can read. It will read a 4 gig flash drive but it will not read a 32 gig sd card in a usb reader. Is it a formatting issue? This card is formatted FAT32. Or should it be fat16. The tablet will read a 16 gig flash drive. So what is the difference in the sd card and the flash drive????
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