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    ZDbox is an amazing all-in-one toolbox. Five stars in xda forum. It is free for you. A collection of many useful tools with simple interface. Having ZDbox, Wow! So easy!
    ★Widgets(1 tap to control)
    WiFi|Airplane mode|Brightness|Sound|Rotate|Bluetooth|SYNC|2G3G|Applock|GPS
    ★Battery monitor
    ★Traffic counter(daily, weekly, monthly)
    ★Do not Disturb(connected with date)
    Keep phone silent, vibrate only or offline automatically in the preset time range
    ★App Lock helps to protect your personal privacy (lock Gmail, Messaging,etc)
    ★Task Killer(Add the Ignore option)
    Kill selected or all running apps
    ★App Manager gives more free space to the internal phone storage by batch moving apps to SD(Only for Android 2.2 &2.3) or batch uninstalling apps.



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