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    ZEKI TB782B
    hello everyone....
    i just got the new zeki 7" tablet and it is very nice.... but i am running into a few problems.
    i did do the update to get google play.
    that went good.
    next i am trying to install the ydr-york daily record- app but google play and other sites for the app keep telling me that it is not compatiable with my device...
    bull!!! is there a place anyone can recommend to download the .apk so as i can do a sideload install?
    its kinda like a local city app so if anyone from the york,pa area might have it could you tell me how or where or could you email it to me?
    i hate to ask but unless i am missing something with the zeki it just won't work with a normall google download.
    also....i am not sure why but every bar scanner app i try to open keeps saying that "the camera is in use please close and try again"...... the camera is NOT being used.
    so if you have any idea as to why it will not run please..... let me know.........

    thanks everyone......



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