Zenithink ZTPAD C92 (m3c92 H4-1a sa084) - Green Light On and Black Screen

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    Zenithink C92
    Hi All,

    A few days ago, I bought a tablet Zenithink:
    Model ZTPAD C92
    m3c92 H4-1a sa084

    Working well for 2 days, then insert a memory card 2GB Sandisk brand from an old cell phone, turned on the tablet, and only the green light appears and the screen black. Then turn off the tablet holding the power button for a few seconds, then remove the memory TF and turned on the tablet without TF memory card, with the same symptom, green light on and the black screen.

    Note: When I connect the tablet to the computer with the USB (OTG) cable, a message appears in Windows 7, can not find the driver "M3-CHIP" and appears in System devices (Win 7) as Unknown Device, with the message, there is no driver for the device.

    Please I need your help,
    I could not enjoy this great tablet Zenithink!



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