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Discussion in 'Zenithink Tablets' started by PeanutButterBoy, Jun 25, 2011.

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    ZT-180 7" UPAD
    Hey guys, I just created a dedicated 7-inch Wiki. Took a while, but it's got a LOT of info, much of it compiled from here and much more typed up by yours truly ;). If the Moderators allow it - I would love for this to become a pinned thread, maybe even a dedicated sub-forum for the ZT-180 7-inch here at AndroidTablets.

    Wiki: ZT-180 7-inch Wiki
    For all your 7-inch needs!

    Wiki Thread: Dedicated ZT-180 7-inch Wiki Thread
    For comments, updates/changes, additions and requests for editor access to the Wiki!

    Currently, I need help writing up (or figuring out) the following:

    • How to change the theme/icons using UOT Kitchen
    • List of working/non-working Wifi, 3G and USB devices
    • List of good accessories (screen protectors, cases, etc...)
    • Pictures of an opened device
    • How to install a larger battery (has anyone attempted?)
    • How to install more RAM (is this possible?)
    • How to connect device to computer via USB (it's as easy as un-mounting external SD card and choosing the "USB connected" notification, I just need a write-up)
    • More working/recommended apps
    • Others? Requests?


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