ZTE V970 Grand X NVIDIA Tegra II Android Mobile Phone New Original

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    First, It should be noticed that this ZTE V970 is built in the You tube, Facebook, Twitter and Google map etc. so that you could play with it directly and you won’t get into the trouble of how to download the apps. What’s more, there is built in RUSSIAN Android keyboard. That’s wonderful!
    ZTE V970 is coming with 4.3 inch QHD screen with the resolution up to 960x540 bringing your a great visual feast. The front panel is still black with silver paint materials border to be a better display and the panel's border is relatively narrow. Because of top and bottom of fuselage with a rounded handle, one hand holding mobile phone is also very comfortable.


    This phone is available at: New Original ZTE V970 Grand X NVIDIA Tegra II Android phone Dual core Android 4.0 OS QHD Screen 960x540p 5.0Mp Camera In Stock!

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