Zuck Interview: Working on Native Android App; Regrets HTML5; No Facebook Phone

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    TechCrunch recently had a lengthy sit-down interview with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and a few interesting tidbits cam out of the conversation. First of all, it seems that Mr. Zuckerberg believes that relying on HTML 5 too heavily was a mistake for the mobile Android version of Facebook. He indicated that they have reversed that course and are working on a native Android (and iOS) version of Facebook that will be faster and better in every way. Additionally, the Zuck reiterated that there will be no Facebook phone. He wanted to quash those rumors completely, and made it clear that a dedicated FAcebook phone would be the exact opposite direction that Facebook is taking. Here are a couple of quotes from the TechCrunch interview with details,

    This first one is in reference to the Facebook phone:
    This second one refers to the HTML 5:
    He also indicated that Facebook would be dropping HTML 5 in its Android and iOS apps.

    Source: TechCrunch

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