zZSerious problem with brilliant corners and my Gtab

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    I had mountain laurel for a long time and it worked pretty good, had some issued with some stuff.

    I foolishly, it turned out, decided to try brilliant corners.

    Well I ended up bricking, nvflashing, reinstalling CWM, etc. Finally I thought I had it working all right, I took it to a wifi zone, pecnt a lot of time reinstalling apps, etc.

    I also boosted the partion size size to 1gb because I was downing so much stuff.

    Well, this has happened since I starting working with that damned briliant corners. I put stuff on my SD card or my microsd card and really, as xsoon as I shut it down and restrt, most of the stuff I added magically disappears.

    Every app I installed today vanished when I got it home and tured it on, every video and image I put on whether by USB or not simply ceases to exist after a restart. The cards go back to an empty state and all the time I sent is wasted.

    In the setting section it always says a SD card unmount is in progress, and eveny time I turn it on I see the preparing sdcard with the little gear symbol in it, can someone tell me what's wrong? I have brilliant corners 1.3, and it seems to be better than mountain laurel, except for losiong my stuff including time settings most times I turn it off and then back on later.
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