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    Facebook app no pictures , albums , no timeline ?

    hmm... i haven't encounter that yet.. try re-installing the app :)
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    Test SnapPea! New desktop PIM for Android

    nice! thanks for the heads up! :D
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    Blood Pressure

    wow! congrats on your first app! is this app really effective?
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    Facebook upside down and listing times way out

    maybe your facebook is hacked?
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    funny movies

    The Hangover :D
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    What's your favourite soft drink

    oh i miss cherry coke! there's no cherry coke in our country anymore :( my favorite is sarsi and mountain dew!
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    Gemei G9T English Manual

    any updates on their email? if they didn't email you again then probably they also don't know where to get or how to solve your problem. :(
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    Funny Stuff!

    lol! yes, i know XD
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    new to the acer 500 tablet

    wi-fi is much better. you can use multiple computers at the same time using one connection.
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    Gemei G9T English Manual

    i can't find any manual on google but i found reviews. maybe you can ask them about the manual?
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    Gday all, GPS on Android

    hi there john! welcome to ;)
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    hi there davidcllns1981 welcome to the forum! :D
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    Intro- Hi

    hello! welcome to the androidtablets! have a good time! :D
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    oh sweet! welcome to the forum! glad to have you here! :D
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    don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. :) welcome to the forum! :D