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    Print from a TF101?

    It depends on what you want to print. Not to sound like a jerk but the reason printing is such anunknown is printing requires the computer software to build a stream for printing, then you need to transfer that stream to the printer, and then the printer needs to be able to interpret that...
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    printing from tf101

    It depends on the printer and whether the mfg has written the drivers for android. There are some apps which try to connect and you can try them, but beware many printers won't work. i have a Brother 7840W and it works great as I can scan or print from my android tablets with their free app.
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    16GB with dock or 32GB without dock

    Dock all day long. 1. Battery all day and night 2. Best screen protection you can get in your briefcase 3. 2 full size USB ports... Can you say, attachments! 4. Keyboard entry is still the way to go for real work 5. Best tablet stand and positioner.
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    ROM Recommendations

    Until someone can crack the code of the camera and several graphics acceleration issue, best to stick with gingerbread. any of the stable gingerbread rooms on a 1,2 boot loader is what I would recommend. When and if the code gets cracked then jelly bean or above would be the best.
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    k1 bluetooth

    Why wouldn't you use wifi for this? You could establish a bluetooth network connection with your PC but that would have some limitations. Seems to me a wifi link would be much better. There are a number of streaming solutions for Android from PC to tablet and a similar strategy could be used...
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    ZiiO 7" + GPS (Samsung GT-B2710)

    You've described a nagging problem. The essence is the map application you are using has to "connect" to the bluetooth device. The BlueMouse and other tools all seem to help make the GPS stream accessible to various apps, but it takes some time to get them all working together. I've used Locus...
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    I have tried many, many, methods of getting Netflix to work and to no avail. It seems to me to be a problem with the graphics processor of the Ziio's. There may be a workaround but someone with extensive debugging ability will need to find out where the app gets hung up.
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    [ZiiO] Shell Root + Fully Working Android Market and Ad-Hoc Fix!

    I've tried 1.7 and a 2x version and neither one do what I would call a full blown root. This process works great to install google apps and to get root access and do many. many, root things to the device, but it will still falter on some elements. For example,even though I can now run all the...
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    ZiiO 10 LCD

    I'm trying to imagine just what data you want off of your ziio? You will need to find a way to "turn on USB mode" once you connect the cable to the tablet from your PC. Since your touch screen doesn't work I don't know how you could do that, but you should be able to connect with adb. Read the...
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    Flash working ZIIO 10?

    Flash will work fine, but since you can't get it installed you may have previous installations on your tablet interfereing. So, go to settings, manage applications, and then after you tell it to allow installation from unknown sources (or something like that) go to all the apps and make sure...
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    [ZiiO] Shell Root + Fully Working Android Market and Ad-Hoc Fix!

    adb is in the /android/android-sdk/platform-tools directory. I've found it's best to put everything in that directory you want to push and it will streamline your text entry into your prompt. So get psneuter into that directory as well as all the google apps you want to push. Then...
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    User's Manual

    Getting a book (legally) requires you have a place/app and/or website where you can buy and download one. You can run the Kindle app and with that you would log into your Amazon account and then you can get a book. You can search for a book from within the Kindle app or you can use Amazon's...
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    Help needed for VIA8650

    I have a nearly identical tablet. Green LED, vibrates, and 2 pt touch. I installed Modroid v11 which works pretty good. These tablets are a bit doggy to do much with video but if you are a bit patient you can get a good collection of games and they are fine for web and news browsing, etc...
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    Android 4.0 on cheap tablets?

    I'll probably be proven wrong but I think many are assuming processing power equals ICS. I just don't see it that way. This is embedded linux at the root of it (pun intended) and I think compatibility has more to do with features and hooks to be utilized by the system than does the processor...
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    adb can't find ViewSonic ViewPad 7

    It appears your USB driver isn't properly set up OR you don't have USB debugging checked on your tablet. The latter is done through setup, applications, development, then check the box. The former is more involved but there are posts around to walk you through it.