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    avi player

    You say it won't download them, will it see them? If it won't see them it may be a ntfs formatted drive and some Linux/android devices still don't read ntfs. Just a thought.
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    The best quality chinese android tablet manufacturer

    Don't know anything on the 8 inch but I'll look. I bought all my tablets off of Amazon so I took a look there. Did not find any at the moment. However after buying several of the 7 inch models and being very happy with everyone with the exception that Netfix doesn't really work, and buying the...
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    Looks like the A1-07 will not be getting ICS after all. From the link above.
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    cant remember the pattern code

    Yah, I know my post didn't answer the OPs post, but I thought they might be able to make use of the info for future reference. Sent from my D90W using Tapatalk 2
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    Are there any Transformer TF300 cases?

    Found some here, transformer TF300 cases
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    cant remember the pattern code

    Not to laugh at the OPs situation, but I know a guy who went out and bought a brand new Toshiba laptop, fairly nice one, paid about 600.00 for it. Set up a BIOS password and then promptly forgot it. Kinda the same thing. The best thing is to not put one in in the first place. There are apps...
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    How to use USB camera on Android tablet

    I don't know if this helps but I did a search on the subject and forund a few videos, did that on my Thrive. Now that I am back on my LapTop I cant find them but they were at the YouTube sight. Here is a link to some stuff that might help though. usb webcam for android tablets - Google Search
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    Is this a1 the a1_07 or something like that, and where did you go on your tablet to find this OTA update? Thanks. Just checked my A1 at Settings> About Tablet> System Updates And it says my system is up to date with Android 2.3.4 build number A107W0_A234_001_015_2643_US Is there another...
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    Today is Last Chance To Download Adobe Flash for Your Android Device

    Thanks for the heads up, thought I had it installed on all my devices but double checked to be sure. So what are all these devices going to be using to watch flash video if the flash player from adobe is no longer available? Will the world just sit still until html5 becomes proliferent.
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    EXCITE 13 looks like a GREAT tablet

    Ok, now the 13 inch Excite is out. Spoke with a member either on this forum or the Thrive forum that has one.
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    Screen sensitivity

    No body has a answer to this?
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    Which tablet

    Right off the bat you are going to need a cellular provided and supported tablet. That is a given if 3G is needed. This will also come with a monthly fee and probably a minimum of a two year contract for the cellular service...
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    The best quality chinese android tablet manufacturer

    For the 7 inch tablet I Have to go ICOO since I have purchased three and they all worked fine. The 9.7 model not so much. The 7 inch unit I have to give 4.5 out of 5 stars, and that is good because I can't even give my Toshiba Thrive or my IPad2 a full 5 stars for one reason or another. 4.5 is...
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    Vizio 1008 vs Nexus 7

    Can't believe this discussion is still going on. Sent from my A1_07 using Tapatalk 2
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    Screen sensitivity

    In ICS are there any settings that increase screen sensitivity? I found a app for Gingerbread but it did not help on ICS. I figured it wouldn't but I had to try. So......does anyone have any ideas? Possible app that works in ics ? Sent from my D90W using Tapatalk 2