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    Tablet suggestions for college student

    To the OP: The biggest complaint about the Thrive is its screen. It doesn't use IPS like the iPad, so the viewing angles are not the greatest according to many people. However, it's the ONLY thing people don't like about the Thrive. It does in fact have a full size USB port and not mini-USB...
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    Best tablet for handwritting?

    I would recommend an actual WINDOWS PC Tablet -- Gasp! Something like this: The reason being is you get what you pay for. I know you stated you don't need something this powerful, but if you can afford it, the review highlighted why a lot of digital artists prefer this tablet to anything...
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    Market Analyst Suggests Android Tablet Makers Should Follow Amazon's Example

    The only thing I agree with is major tablet makers should lower the prices if they want more market shares. However, I get the feeling this guy is also trying to ride the hype of the Kindle Fire by saying they should then subsidize the price cut by joining with Amazon :rolleyes: Always consider...
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    Strategy Analytics Predicts Kindle Fire Tabs to Sell 15Million Units through 2013

    Like most optimistic predictions this number sounds heavily inflated, IMO. I don't think Amazon is taking into account the realities of the current (and future) economy and how fast the tablet market is evolving already. Unemployment is currently hovering around 9.1%. Things like the Kindle...
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    Time to Move?

    If price is your main concern, I would wait for a possible price drop on current high-end tablets because their second gen counter-parts (Xoom 2, et al.) should be out by Christmas. If the next leap in tablet technology is your main goal, it's been rumored the Kal-El (Quad Core) tablets may be...
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    Good movie app. VLC???

    The main reasons some movies will not play is because... -The container used e.g. MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. -The h.264 profile used to encode the movie -The bit rate -The number of reference frames used. MKV (Matroska) is a non-industry standard container used mostly by Pirates because of its...
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    Pocket eDGe Dualbook Quick Start WiFi Connectivity Problems. Help!

    Most WiFi devices will automatically scan and configure the SSID e.g. 2WireXXXX. There should be a sticker on the side of the U-Verse modem at the bottm with all the relevant information like WEP Key, MAC address and Security password. Make sure you are entering the nine digit "password" and...
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    Looking for a tablet

    I know I'm probably going to become a thorn in a lot of vendors sides in this particular forum :p ... But I cannot stress enough how Flytouch tablets are not powerful enough for full Flash support (video, games). I own one, so this is first-hand experience. If users want good performance from...
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    The usual looking for a tablet tread but I know what I want :)

    If you can wait just a little longer... a month, or two... The next wave of tablets are due out before Christmas. This should result in a major price drop on high-end first generation tablets like the ones being discussed.
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    Looking for tablet to read pdf files

    It all depends on the content of the PDF itself. If you are looking at a e-brochure for example, that has a lot of pictures shot in a 16:9 ratio on the page, then reading in landscape is going to be preferred over portrait. However, most text/copy is still set up in the traditional 8x11 printed...
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    Important****Chinese Tablet*****Important

    Thanks, for the heads-up. In my opinion, the market for cheap Chinese knock-offs is going to shrink VERY rapidly now since the U.S. (and North America) is gearing up for "tablet mania" as I like to call it. The market is finally catching up to the demand with the release of mainstream and...
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    Looking for a tablet

    When it comes to true Adobe Flash support, video and web-based games, I would avoid the Flytouch tablets because they just do not have the hardware needed for good game/browsing performance. If you want your kid to have a good experience, you are (most likely) going to have to spend the money...
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    If you have the Patience, I have the Questions

    OldCrank: The real problem appears to be what you want doesn't exist, currently. At least the way you would like it to. However, don't despair. Others have given good advice & suggestions and the only thing I can add is you are going to have to compromise on some of your wants/needs in order...
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    new user n really need some help x

    More specifically, that symbol means the site is using Adobe Flash and some tablets aren't equipped to run Flash at all depending on hardware & OS. What is the name/brand of tablet you bought for her? What are some of the hardware specs? What version of Android are you running? Providing...
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    Amazon's Kindle Fire: Winners and losers

    This article is nothing more than Amazon marketing BS in disguise. There will ALWAYS be a broad market because Android has always been for advanced users who know what they want and who also demand high quality components (hardware) to fulfill those needs. Adding a low-end "disposable" tablet...