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    :: Inside of my SuperPad ::

    at post....i m going to try this and see if works...thanks a million!
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    Need instant help? (Most of the time)

    Can I replace the 3800 mAH battery of my Flytouch 3 with a 1800mAH one? Please advise
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    10.2'' Flytouch 3 Superpad 2 battery replacement

    Can I replace my flytouch 3 battery which is 3.7V, 3800mAh with a 1800mAH one? What difference will it make? I suspect the battery of my device has gone dead. Please advise.
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    10.2" Flytouch 3 SUPERPAD 2 battery dead

    any suggestions on how to replace the battery?
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    10.2" 8000MAH Battery Android 2.2 Froyo 512MB 4GB/8GB FlyTouch 3 SuperPad 3 ePad WiFi

    I too have faced the same issue. My batteries have gone dead and I don't know if i'll be able to replace them. So I just have to throw it away, no other option. Even I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a Chinese tablet. It sucks!
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    10.2" Flytouch 3 SUPERPAD 2 battery dead

    thanks for your suggestion. But is it possible to disassemble the tablet and replace the battery? There are no screws in any of the corners to open the tablet. Please advise.
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    Flytouch 3 SUPERPAD 2 batteries dead

    Hi, I bought a Flytouch 3 Superpad last year in August. It was working fine till I stopped using it for about two months as I was traveling. Now it doesn't charge at all. When I try to charge it the green light blinks once and then goes off. When I press the power button it flashes once and...
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    10.2" Flytouch 3 SUPERPAD 2 battery dead

    I bought a 10.2" Flytouch 3 SUPERPAD 2 last year in August and used it for around eight months. I left it idle for about a month and now when I tried to switch it on, it didn't work. I plugged the charger but the green light blinks for a sec and goes off which means it's not charging at all...