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    broken tablet

    Try to connect it with an external monitor. If it works then the problem is with display.
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    Chinese Tablets - legal or illegal?

    It is legal if you buy the tablet.
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    Looking for an inexpensive tablet.

    Coby Kyros 7″ Android Tablet in one of the best tablet under $100 with all the latest features. It costs just $94.92.
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    Help regarding 7 inch Chinese tablets..

    Buy the Gemei G3A 7 inch Tablet PC Android 4.0 Chinese tablet.
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    galaxy s2

    Is the file on the sd card of your phone?
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    Android 4 - Release in South Africa

    The update notification has to be sent by the manufacturer of the device. You can't manually update it.
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    recommend me a tablet

    The tablet which matches all your specifications is the 'ViewSonic's ViewPad E70'.
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    Ereader Won't Let Me Read

    For Motorola zoom you can use the app called 'Goodereader App Store HD'.
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    Looking for good quality 7" Adrdoid 4.X tablet recommendations

    The Samsung Tab 2 meets all your requirements too.
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    is this tablet good

    Sorry that link is not working.
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    suugestion to buy an android tablet

    The Nexus 7 Tablet is matching all most all your specfications.
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    Wi-Fi problem with Galaxy Player 4.2

    Try to reset the phone to 'Factory Reset'.
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    External SD Card Music Files

    Install the app called 'Meridian Media Player Revolute'. With this app you can play the music files on your sd card.
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    Can't upload videos to You tube using the Honeycomb Youtube app

    Try to reset your device to 'Factory Reset'
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    Want to add a webcam to my android 2.3 tablet

    What the name of your android device?