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  • Apad.King, I see you have a telechip android pad. I am wondering if mine is the same as yours. It is a MID 701, running android 2.1 Firmware Ver 2.1 update1, Kernel 2.6.29, build no. MID 1.2M1. it has the telechip Tcc8902 ARM11 processors. 720Mhz.

    You mentioned that it was one of the more stable chineese pads. When I power mine on, it will often come up with the touch screen and buttons frozen. I have to turn the on off switch off in order to reboot. It has HDMI and evidently 3G support, but I have not tried to get it to work,

    Let me know if you have one like this, or have any familiarity with it. ehodgso@verizon.net

    thanks gene
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