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    What Is Android?

    Motorola hadn't been bought by Google, right? or Google already did that? I don't remember, but i think this tablet is probably one of the best Android tablet back then. But it was not too popular compared to iPad.
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    Simpson Tapped out dont work on iconia A700

    Already played this game on my sister's Samsung GALAXY Ace 2. It's a good game especially if you love the show. The storyline and missions in this game are also really fun to play and connected with the show.
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    Goodbye, A700

    On paper, this Acer A700 definitely looks better than Acer A500. At first reading the title of this thread, i thought you gave up with this tablet because it sucked. But glad to know i was wrong on that. I'm actually still on the verge of choosing between this A700, A500 or HP Slate 7 Extreme...
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    Touch screen problem

    I'm honestly interested to be getting this tablet because i heard it has great battery life and it is a 10-inch tablet, which is ideal for me for watching videos, playing games, etc. But does the touch response problem still exist? I want more feedback. I'm still confused to pick between this...
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    Adding New Folders to Acer Iconia Tab A500

    I heard its battery life is long lasting right. According to Phonearena, it could last around 2 days in mixed usage. Probably it's because its Tegra 2 is not so power hungry. Sorry out of topic.
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    Apple cheapest tablet?

    The only thing in my mind if if i had iPad tablet or someone gave me iPad tablet, i would definitely sell it and buy some decent Android smartphone and tablet with the money i got from selling the iPad. :D Maybe Xiaomi mi3 and HP Slate 7 Extreme, 2 Tegra 4 devices for me. or Moto G with HP Slate...
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    Why Are Tablets Getting Bigger?

    I don't think 12.2-inch tablets can be considered as bigger because even my 14-inch laptop still looks normal if i imagine using it as tablet. 16-inch tablets are definitely abnormal. lol
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    Question about users on my tablet

    Android KitKat has that multiple user profile feature, right? or Android 4.3? i don't remember it, but i've seen this feature on Nexus 7 (2013 edition) and it looks really useful to secure all of your private files or apps on your tablet. So other users won't see them unless you let them.
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    Thinking About Rooting Your Tablet?

    Rooting is really important for those Android devices with low internal storage, because i've seen some of these devices just won't allow users to install apps on the microSD card. So you need to root your Android devices.
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    Cannot decide between [ Asus Memo Pad HD 7] or [Lenovo S5000]

    From what i've seen on many reviews of Asus MemoPad 7 HD around YouTube, this tablet is actually really great. Even CNET praises its amazing colorful display. Its performance is also really fast, thanks to the quad-core MTK8125 processor. The camera on this tablet is also able to deliver decent...
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    Buying Advice - High Performance $200 Chinese Tablet

    Dude, with $200 budget, you should aim your target to HP Slate 7 Extreme. This tablet is just really awesome. First of all, it's powered by Tegra 4 SoC from NVIDIA, which is really fast and powerful especially for gaming. Secondly, it also has a built-in stylus which i've already seen and it's...
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    Advice on Media/Gaming Tablet

    Be careful when looking for tablet dude. you should always ask through the forum or the users of the tablet you're looking for. I know that you want a 9-inch tablet, but 8.3-inch doesn't matter right?. I'm talking about LG G Pad 8.3, according to many of its users, this tablet is actually really...
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    Hi everyone, Benroveno here! :)

    Hi everyone at, my name is Ben Roveno. I'm glad to be part of this awesome forum. Looking forward to learn a lot from you guys here. :)