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  • RIP superpad.... you were as loyal as you could of been to me and being one of the rarest stock superpads as well :(
    development smarts are increasing on the plus side, working on a launcher based off of AWD source
    Hey hey i repaired my recovery partition on my superpad... guess deving the recovery can continue... Oh nd sure
    Aside from working on the aurura launcher, im goen on the easier side of deving a creating a wallpaper app dedicated to our favorite website. Might look back into the superpad recovery this morning and see if my smarts made somthing tick.
    hello rg..could u help me with 3G dongle for my flytouch 2 ?
    im using ur ROM (#3245) but i cant manage to get my Huawei e160 to work..
    ive done the AT^U2DIAG-=0 but still cant find a way to get it done (sigh)..
    ill be waiting for ur great help..
    Life has caught up with me putting android projects last so dont think ive ignored anything ive had on mind. I am also on spare time teaching myself development. Hopefully i can either get somewhere with the archos 101 or superpad. The superpad seems to be not seeing much attention and hope is being lost but the train of thought still thrives to continue. I would like to see the cm7 mod on the superpad along with its copanion ra recovery which would deffenitely increase the performance of the tablet along with the latest version of android. Untill than. Happy tabbing.
    Check out the new superpad Launcher recommendations post in the superpad section
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