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    zt180 help needed "sigh" has the firmware
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    Flashed My ZT180, now no sound

    i see u went with smaxtors custom rom. they work very nice but u must have flashed the wrong rom for ur tablet. flash a different one of his roms. u have to make sure u get the right rom for ur specific model #. i used his roms and tablet worked much better than stock till i fried the power port...
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    zenithink zt180v2 512mb jade 2.2 pcb

    hello all. i have a zenithink zt180v2 512mb with jade 2.2 pcb. i burnt the pcb at the port where you plug in charger and was wondering if anyone had onr for sale or new where i could buy one? i tried to email but none of my email ever go thru. any help would be much appriciated...
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    HELP PLEASE 10.2" ZT-180 Android 2.2 Tablet 10"

    Sounds like bad rom. Have you tried flashing new rom? Sent from my zt180 using Android Tablet Forum
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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    I have a zepad. It says it will play flash but doesnt play it smoothly at all. I even have smaxtors custom rom which gets ride of extra bullcrap apps that are not needed(tablet runs much faster with this custom rom but still does do flash well at all) not sure bout the credit card app. U can get...
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    Android tablet won't load

    Ya u nerd to flash rom. Goto ( then look for tab that says download. Download rom that goes with ur specific tablet. Get a micro sd card. Format sd card as fat32. Download new rom onto sd card(folder name on sdcard needs to be named zt-update. Insert sdcard into tablet. Hold the...
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    *ZENITHINK* Flytouch 5 Z102 10" Tablet - Reviewed

    You got hosed because fly touch and zenithink are 2totally different companies. Who ever you bought from lied to you Sent from my zt180 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Where to buy ZeniThink C91 ZT280 within USA

    Would not buy from that site is never updated. Goodluck with someone from there ever getting back in touch with you. Their site was down for months last year. Firmware upgrades are old(last years firmware) dont know why they claim to be official us distributer and all their **** is...
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    zepad - WiFi Connection Problem

    Try going to settings wireless click on youre network that shows up. Then click on forget. Then turn wifi off. Then turn wifi on then goto ur network click on ur network. If ur network is pass protected put in ur password and u should be able to get wifi now. I had wifi problems alot...
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    which Sd card?

    Format sdcard as fat 32 then it should work fine. Im using same sd card Sent from my zt180 using Android Tablet Forum
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    How to connect USB flash memory stick to MID7024?

    Most tablets require usb sticks to be fat32 file systems. Sent from my zt180 using Android Tablet Forum
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    mid tablet frozen

    Not sure what tablet that is but sounds like you are goig to have to reflash youre rom Sent from my zt180 using Android Tablet Forum
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    SD Card not seen

    Be sure to format sd card to fat32 before u try to mount it in tablet. If it is bigger than 4 gigs the tablet probably wont show the accual size of the sd but you can still load stuff on it Sent from my zt180 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Can I save apps directly to my external microsd card?

    Had my tablet bout a year now and have found no way to move app that are installed to external sd Sent from my zt180 using Android Tablet Forum
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    U can get the flash player 10.1 from but its really kind of useless cause the zt180 v2 is too slow to play flash files from the internet. The video is constantly freezing up. Sent from my zt180 using Android Tablet Forum