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    What ROM is best?

    I am a new Gtab owner and after about an hour of "stock" I decided to flash Brilliant Corners rom by Roebeet. Very stable and a world of difference. Just be sure to know which boot loader you are on (1.2-4349 is really easy to flash) I'm about to jump into the NVflash thing in order to...
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    [HowTo] Based 1.2 Custom Rom 'Brilliant Corners' - Basic Info & Installation !

    Thanks Dave ...that clears up a bit of my about 36 hrs. till my toy arrives...on my son's birthday..(but the Tab is for
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    [HowTo] Based 1.2 Custom Rom 'Brilliant Corners' - Basic Info & Installation !

    Hello and thankyou in advance. I have a Gtab on the way from Tiger Direct and I'm pretty sure it will come with the 1.2 bootloader and 4349. I will probably play with the Stock interface for awhile but I have already download the files nessecary to load Brilliant Corners using method >D< . I'm...
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    Another noob question - how can I organize my home screens

    Me too. I though a file manager would let me move files between my Internal Memory and SD Memory. Orgamizing screens would be great.
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    Gome Flytouch 2 Infotmic X210 10" Android 2.1 Tablet Description

    I think there are alot of these under alot of different names. I have the Sylvania offering and it's Exactly the same machine, but It's branded "Sylvania" ( SYTAB10MT). It does'nt seem terrible but like no support at all, Which surprizes me with a big name like Sylvania.
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    Noob w/Sylvania (sytab10mt) tablet

    Hello, Just joined. Hope I'm posting in the right place. I've had a Sytab10MT by Sylvania but I believe its really a rebranded Flytouch 2. On the box it says its already upgraded to Froyo 2.2 but I don't know. Tried to install market, just ended up with a "white" screen when I try to open it...