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  • Are you going to respond? Sure hope so. I must have the worst Android Tablet. Model WM8650, 2.2. It is my first experience with a tablet purchased from someone who indicated he was the user but wanted to get another kind of tablet. My problem is I need an original Manual. I lost my manual and he will take it back if I have original manual. Disappointment does not describe how I feel. It is difficult to sign with WiFi. It works sometimes. Is it possible to communicate by live chat? If I have to keep this one, can it be upgraded?
    I would like to see if you can help me. My son locked up his velocity cruz tablet, he made one of those passwords that you use the Dot To Dot paswword. Well he forgot his password. We tried powering off and back on. We also tried resetting that didn't work. Can you help me.
    My sister gave me this MID Android tablet I've been playing a few games on it since the 4th of July, now when I turn it on I get a message on the screen demo version has expired, no matter what screen I'm on I get that msg what do I do?????????
    hi there! i am new here... i would like to ask a few questions regarding my new can i use it when i need to make reports and presentation?there's no applications stored yet?how do i get started?any feedback would be highly appreciated
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