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    YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Forums

    Welcome to the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Forums! What an incredible tablet Lenovo just kicked out. With an 8-10" available who's going to pick one up?
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    Welcome over qtone! Thanks for dropping in and saying hello. Enjoy AndroidTablets
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    Great Look

    Thanks Barry! I think you'll find it much faster as well
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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Android Tablets App will no longer work......

    Ladies and gentlemen the Android Tablets app will no longer work. Please use Tapatalk to navigate and post while mobile. The reason for this change is that we are going to be moving over to a new forum software and a whole new look. You're going to really enjoy the new software. Not only does it...
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    [Featured Follow-Up] DroidForums Trades Nexus 7 for 'Old Leg'

    Beeuuuteeful! Good job gentlemen! It's always awesome when you can give to someone in need. Great story!
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    What Size Galaxy Tab 4 are You Picking Up?

    Just like the title says. What size Galaxy Tab 4 are you picking up and why?
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    Welcome to the Galaxy Tab 4 Forums!

    We are live and open for business! Enjoy!!
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    Net Neutrality Dealt Death Blow in Appeals Court; ISPs Attempt to Reassure Consumers

    Late yesterday one of the big news items that we didn't quite get to was that Net Neutrality (and especially the FCC) was dealt a serious blow by a U.S. Appeals Court. Originally, the FCC ruled that wireline ISPs ”shall not block lawful content, applications, services or non-harmful devices...
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    [DEMO] Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

    More great video's are pouring in from Macktion who is prowling the convention floor at CES 2014. This latest one features the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and we have to say it's pretty impressive. The Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is not 'just another Samsung tablet' with a nice big screen. The...
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    [OPINION] Asus Transformer Book Duet

    The new Asus Transformer Book Duet is an interesting creature in that it can go from Windows 8 to Android literally at the flip of a switch (actually button, but who's paying attention). Press the OS switch button on the Duet’s keyboard dock or tap the app on the touchscreen and it takes...
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    [VIDEO] Samsung Embarasses Its Galaxy Gear

    Samsung usually kicks out some pretty decent commercials that make their products interesting, but their latest featuring the Galaxy Gear is just downright.....well, weird and creepy. If the acting is going to be bad you at least need to make the commercial somewhat appealing and not have your...
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    HP Slate 8 Pro and HP Slate 7 Extreme Available at Best Buy

    Hewlett Packard's all new Tegra 4-powered Android tablet line is now available at Best Buy and priced to sell. The HP Slate 7 Extreme and HP Slate 8 Pro can be had for $200 and $330, respectively, and are very promising tablets for the price tag. The HP Slate 8 Pro features a 7.98-inch display...
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    Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Available for Pre-Order

    Today Qualcomm announced that their Toq Smartwatch is officially available for pre-order from their Toq Store with a $350.00 price tag attached to it. Available in black and white the Toq will ship in 1-3 weeks with the charges to your Credit card only taking place after the smartwatch has...
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    Tegra Note 7 Forums Are Open!

    Tegra Note 7 Forums are live folks! Enjoy!
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    Hooded Men and Occult Circles Appear Globally

    What do hooded men and Occult Circles have to do with Android? We don't want to spoil this one for you, so pull up a seat and watch the weirdness unfold. It's very weird and mysterious...we promise :big smile: Leave us your best speculation in the comments section below. Enjoy................