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    Firmware Based On Allwinner A13 ROMs

    it is more advisable before installing any roms is entering android recobery mode menu and try a hard reset
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    Allwinner A3 Touch Screen Problem

    this link you can find all firmwares for Polaroid tablet link here is the trigger for a13 tablet processor (that is only the activator) activator touch a13 2014
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    Firmware Based On Allwinner A13 ROMs

    Here we leave a list ROMS For based tablet All Winner A13 (Compilation) FIRMWARE-T703-CPUA13-8G-BOARDQ88DV1.1-ESP-NOLOGO-2013-11 A13-EVB-V1.0-20130926-Android4.2.2-Os-root-MaPan T901-3version(A13)(8G)(KB901-v3.4-5(LCD9INCH-CPT-800x480)(GSL3680)(RTL8188)(MC3230) A13-Q8-1688-121 A13 TZX-Q8...
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    Another A500 Play Store Error

    playstore try to restore the factory version "or try installing a previous version
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    CTab 0712: Need Firmware

    try this update_RK2928-g_R98-13064_ver31_9inch-4_1_1_tested_corrected
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    A33 Firmware Re-Install

    there is nothing but more to reinstall acer cpu is your tablet firmware.que
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    Allwinner A23 No Power

    and you checked the battery with a voltmeter? to see if it gets load Charger tablet connects the wing and when to loading check the format With the load comes standard. It Means That right. test and unsolder the two battery wires are welded plate wing That .You unstick mother for...
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    A33 Firmware Re-Install

    Desoft. have the firmware link sent to you. for review by plis. to see that I can help
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    I Apaciona technology.

    I Apaciona technology.
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    Need Chromo Inc 7" Firmware

    you can try these I hope and I work firmware 1 firmware 2
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    List of ROMs For A23

    This link is a list of Roms. I have found this list Looking for a Roms, for my Tablet Here I leave the Link mid710xx_to_713dc_717_710dc_se.rar gt900fb25cd-tpa2-v1.2.4.0-20141112release-clone-ok.rar 7inch A23 Q8 t123_PHHC230840225Q102...
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    Allwinner A23 T736 Mainboard v2.1 Pierre Cardin 704p

    here's friend A23-T736-MAINBOARD-V2.1
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    Allwinner A23 T736 Mainboard V2.3: Need Schematics Datasheet

    Exactly where looking A23-T736-MAINBOARD-V2.3
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    Allwinner A23 Locks Up

    here is the roms you wanted link
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    Need 2928 Firmware

    try these link