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    :(... my A101 crapped out last night....

    Please post pics, Gurgle. Would love to see that one. There's a thread on XDA where one man's wife made one out of felt, complete with a little felt android on the front. It's quite cute! Custom Felt Cases - xda-developers
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    Motorola Video Teases next generation Android Tablet

    Rather ironic that they put down the Samsung as "Andriod OS, but Android OS...for a phone." Especially considering they will be running Android OS. Sure, it's "probably" going to come out with 3.0, but when the Galaxy Tab was intro'd, 2.3 wasn't released, and 3.0 was still complete speculation...
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    Day 5 of 5 Days of Christmas (the last day)

    This is definitely the best present yet. Thanks to EUOGO.COM for sponsoring this give-away!
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    Day 4 of 5 Days of Christmas

    As I am not able to edit my original post, I have to post again to show the picture of my suggestion:
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    Day 4 of 5 Days of Christmas

    How about a picture of Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek TNG), trapped inside a tablet screen (think mime here). Caption: "Captain, I think this tablet needs a firmware update."
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    Market on Archos 10.1 (Gen 8) with Android 2.2

    Take a look at the first post in this thread from the ArchosFans forum: - View topic - Step by Step Plan to Upgrade brand new Archos Devices to 2.2 Starting in the area labeled as section 4 (4-1) there are instructions for fixing the Youtube app. Hopefully they will work...
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    Day 2 of 5 Days of Christmas

    Okay, I'm in. Hey, free is free, right!
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    Day 1 of 5 days of Christmas

    Q1) Answer: yes, yes I would. Q2) Answer: (In addition to t-shirts) Maybe a coffee mug. Perhaps some AT.NET-branded mini-android toys? Squeezie-ball in the shape of an android (AT.NET-branded, of course.)
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    Android 2.2 Firmware Update is Out for All Archos Gen 8 Devices

    jlaubin, I would suggest going over to for user reactions to the update. Lots of feedback over there (both positive & negative). They also have several solutions to the official market issue. There is a new apk for it, as well as some manual install methods, and all...
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    Decent Article on How To Avoid Bad Tablets

    This is a (brief) article from the guys at cnet's Crave blog. It uses the Maylong M150 as the test case, but most of the issues they point out apply to all android tablets in general. Be sure to click thru at the end of the article to their "telltale signs of an android tablet disaster". That...
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    Best android tablet on a budget$$$

    If you are willing to pay as much as $300 USD, then I would suggest that the Archos 101 is probably your best bet.
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    android 2.2 for archos 70 and 101

    As far as we know, it is still in beta. There is at least one admin over on who is involved in the beta program, but he does not have a firm release date from the manufacturer. (At least not that he is publishing.) In the meantime, there are several rumors floating around...
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    8GB Archos 70 and 16GB Archos 101 currently avail on US site

    My shipping was $9 for basic ground shipping (UPS) direct from Acrhos store. I can live with the extra day or 2 shipping time. BTW: I noticed this morning that the 8GB 70 is still available on the store.
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    8GB Archos 70 and 16GB Archos 101 currently avail on US site

    Yeah, I never got any notifications by e-mail either. Just kept checking back until I saw it on there. I actually wanted the 8GB 101, but figured I would go ahead and order the 16 since it was offered. Who knows. If I get it in the next couple of weeks, I could always re-sell on ebay for a...
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    8GB Archos 70 and 16GB Archos 101 currently avail on US site

    UPDATE: The 101s are gone. 70s still available for the time being.