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    Can't Unbrick Nook Color

    Did you leave the sd card in? If so it may be trying to boot off of that. Take it out and reboot to see if this does not get you past that screen. Edit* - From what I have seen and read, this device is unbrickable....Don't panic. Redo your steps.
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    Help with calendar sync.

    That's why I love this site...Thanks a bunch! Edit: Just reporting back that this fixed the issues!
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    Help with calendar sync.

    I just flashed Gingerbread onto this tablet and have been rebuilding my apps. One issue I have come across is that there is no check box to sync the google calendar with the stock calendar. So in turn my Launcher Pro calendar widget is not syncing. I have tried to locate the settings to sync...
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    ADW Launcher and Beautiful Widgets

    Not being able to do certain things with Adw, like the widget issue, is why I finally dropped it. The launcher that comes with Watery is by far the best I have seen on this device. Sent from my sdk using Android Tablet Forum App
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    connect GPS to Kyros 7015

    I have two different GPS antennas, one is USB (Ambicom) and the other is accessed via bluetooth connection. I have not tried to fiddle with connecting a USB Bluetooth yet. My question has to do with the Ambicom USB GPS Antenna. Will the Kryos need a driver for this to work? If so, how can I get...
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    I tried to type not yet, but my posting errored on the brevity of the I have to type all of this to say....Not yet. Source code needs to be released first...
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    Coby gpl obligations

    I too have been e-mailing the Coby Support folks and making inquiries into the source code....You will be very surprised to find that I have not been contacted once. I will try a phone call this afternoon.
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    [ROM] Watery Kyros v1.2b Custom Firmware for MID7015

    Thanks...I just got around to installing this and my device seems much more responsive. :)
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    What happened to the desk top?

    I also had problems with ADW randomly removing my desktop. I could not find any fix, so I have had to uninstall is too bad, because when it was nice...
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    connect GPS to Kyros 7015

    I have a USB GPS Antenna. I wonder if I can get it working with this tablet...I will try when I get home tonight.
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    Downloading books onto Coby Kyros 7015

    I saw a reply here that refrenced /nand/ Your e-book programs will be there in that folder. Now all you have to do is explore those e-book folders to see where the e-books are actually stored. Place your e-book download in there and book will show up in the program.
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    SD card over WIFI?

    Have you tried using dropbox? There is an app that allows you to use it as a drive and move files to your card or device.... So from your computer, you could put all of the files you ant into dropbox, and from the Kyros you could access the ropbox and grab any file you want and place it...
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    calendar and contacts

    I have not been ble to find a workable solutions...except...Calengoo. It is a paid app, and it comes with pushes to and from the google calender with no issues..
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    Linux on Coby MID 7015

    I believe the folks over at Android & Windows Phone: Tablets, Apps, & ROMs @ xda-developers were working on a port...I am not sure where the thread is off hand, but it may be worth a look.
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    Where to buy ebooks?

    Well the answer would be, anywhere e-books are sold? Seriously... Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Walden Books, any of the major book retailers... I believe the Alkido App will also provide you a way to purchase books. You can also directly download e-books and place them into your device... 20...