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    Free Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II Test Drive by

    Thanks for the opportunity to win an Aurora II. Rarely do sites regularly offer contests such as these to members. Very nice.
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    [GIVEAWAY] Win a Wardmaster Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Book Jacket

    The WORLD FAMOUS Mai Kai. Fort Lauderdale, Florida celebrating 56 years of culinary excellence, breathtaking original shows, and tropical cocktails which bring guests in from all over the planet. Mai-Kai Restaurant - Fort Lauderdale Tell them Keith sent you.
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    Bolt Browser Out of Beta, Now in the Android Market

    This is a really poor product, and you reporting on it, in a small way, may appear to some as recommending it. Slow. Freezes. As crappy as all the reports at the market claim. Uninstalling it.
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    I keep getting redirected to T-mobile website when using the unlimited web/cal/text p

    [Tutorial] "How to" flash the Samsung Galaxy Tab FW to enable phone calls - xda-developers or for short, you need an ATT voice SIM and a TMobile ata SIM and a modem switcher. North American cell carriers have blocked call ability on the P1000
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    Tablet PC Wallpapers

    I'm never satisfied with market wallpaper programs. They never work with live wallpapers such as liquid live.
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    Streaming music from Android tablet

    I was doing this with my SGT 7 but realized that I was streaming audio from the tablet to my laptop then via TOSLINK to my HT receiver. There was no audio on my tablet that I couldn't use directly from my laptop, so I stopped using the extra step of the tablet. I simply downloaded the PC...
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    My Experience with “Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000”

    Mine is a GT-1000 on T-Mobile (in SoFl, most of our units are international by default because of our geo-location). Yes...the settings are easily applied.
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    Galaxy Tab 10.1 - problem with browser

    Maybe post this in the 10.1 forum instead of the 7 inch forum?
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    Model Number Confusion?

    The new GB update for Sprint has BT HID support (supposedly out July 5th)
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    Bluetooth mouse & keyboard?

    News has it that the Sprint OTA update coming on July 5th (as has been reported) will have GB 2.3 AND Bluetooth HID. Hopefully this update will be cross-carrier.
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    Bluetooth mouse & keyboard?

    Isn't this a question about the Galaxy Tab 7 inch unit? What does the 10.1 have to do with the 7? Just asking.
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    Galaxy Tab Keeps Dying, Switching Off at 50% Battery Life

    Nowhere did I see a mention of your checking the "turn-off at "x" percent" of battery usage. Did you check that parameter?