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    This is weird app

    Good app, I also like it.
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    Android Dictionary

    Great post and this is really amazing for me. Thanks for sharing this post.
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    Which Is Better?

    About which you are asking?
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    Apps Will Not Install

    Which device are you use. I think you have already install many app in your device so show message don't have enough memory.
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    Hello ospy, Welcome to the android tablets & congrats for your Cruz T410.
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    Differences Between Amazon Market and Google Play

    Good information......... Thanks for sharing with me.
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    Android: A Visual History - By The Verge

    Great information and I got a new knowledge by this post. Thanks for sharing this post.
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    Irulu Android 4.0

    Hello Natasha, Why are u bought cheap tablet i will never believe these type of company. I always believe branded company.
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    How to Recover Deleted Files?

    Hello Rupesh, Welcome to the android tablets forum, just check your recycle bin and restore your file then You are permanently delete these file, i have no any idea how to restore file.
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    Free Apps & Free Books

    Thanks for sharing these links. Really helpful for me.
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    The One 'Do I Buy This', 'What Do I Buy', 'I'm Looking For' Thread

    I will follow these rules, thanks for sharing.
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    Hello e1

    welcome to the androidtablet forum.
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    Looking for an App [REQ] or Post an App [APK]

    Hello I am looking a good apps for kids. Please help me ...