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  • hi there<
    my tablet is locked and tried many times to open it but it did not work. can you help me to unlock it.
    mariya babar
    Hi...I am new to this site....can you give me a suggestion?...i am getting a tablet now and dont know which is best the Archos 7 or the Coby Kyros.....would you know?
    Archos says its a 1.5 operating system with 8g mem but the coby says it has a 2.1 operating system with 4 g memory....now i believe they both can have a memory card up to 32 g so thats good i just dont know which is the better brand/model...
    This will be big news: Ö÷Ƶ¸ß´ï1GHz ´«Èðо΢8Ôµ׷¢²¼RK2818ºËÐÄ-Òµ½ç×ÊѶ-MID|ÉÏÍø±¾|UMPC|MIDÃÅ»§ÃÔµÏÔÚÏß»¶Ó*Äú£¡

    A lot of Chinese Android developers are waiting to hop on board as well. This is one of the most anticipated Android chipsets in China right now.
    Here's a suggestion for a cool android tablet news article for the front page.. Cisco unveiled an Android based tablet for video conferencing called the Cius today:
    Cisco unveils Cius Android tablet with HD video capabilities -- Engadget
    Cisco Cius - Products & Services - Cisco Systems
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