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    Still learning the Thrive, and am a little stuck. . .

    I really like the Thrive, but I have a question for those more experienced users. On the home page at the bottom left there are three icons. The back, the home and the third one. That third one brings up a list of, what I think are, running apps. I've installed an app killer, but the...
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    Welcome to the Toshiba Thrive Forum on!

    I just got my Thrive a few days ago and I am very pleased with it. I previously used the Huawei S7 and enjoyed that, but I really like the bigger screen and better graphics. Not to mention the speed increase. I do miss the SIM slot for phone calls though. :( Looking forward to seeing what...
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    the Power/Battery/Charger thread

    Thanks for the DX request. I ordered 3 to get the bulk discount. They work great. After charged, I keep them for swap-out. They seem to hold their charge quite well.
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    Ideos for 100

    I like my S7 very much. It gets better with the new ROMs people here are building. The community here is full of people who are more than willing to help. The S7 is one of the few tablets that is also a phone. I know that it works with both T-Mobile and AT&T networks in the USA. If I had the...
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    Connecting S7 to AT&T....I know its been discussed BUT I still need help

    There is an excellent thread that answers the necessary setup requirements for using AT&T to it's fullest. Go Here The first post has the info, just move down the page. I would recommend following all...
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    Need help urgent!!!

    Glad to hear you are up and running. As far as the battery goes, depending on what you are running, 2-3 hours may be about right. There are applications that allow you to reduce your processor speed, resulting in longer battery life. Read the stickies on this forum. They help a lot!
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    Need help urgent!!!

    OK, I did a tutorial for flashing, because I had numerous problems remembering the proper steps. here is a copy of that information. OK, I am going to be a specific as I can, only because I've been through it and skipped steps that others thought were self-explanatory. This is the process I...
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    the Power/Battery/Charger thread

    They had another one that was rated at 9000mah. It was a little cheaper, and the charging amps were a little less. That's why I bought the bigger one. I'll see if I can find it, and link to it.
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    Need help urgent!!!

    This is kind of a dumb question, but did you pull the battery? If you did, did you try to re-flash after re-inserting the battery? Maybe try the Indo 2.2.2 ROM.
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    the Power/Battery/Charger thread

    I bought this one, and am very happy with it. 9600mAh Rechargeable Portable Emergency Power with Phone Adapters - Free Shipping - DealExtreme It's more expensive, but it will recharge my S7 3-4 times while using it.
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    [ROM] joenilan Ideos S7 Froyo Stable - (Android 2.2.2)

    Hey Joe, I guess you're feeling better! MAN, you are BACK with a vengeance!! Keep it up! Thanks for all your efforts! Makes our systems run better. I'd say that you should be working for Huawei, but you care way more than they do!!! Thanks again for all the work!!
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    Which Phone Networks work with the S7

    It has been my experience that only AT&T and T-mobile work here in the States. There are other providers that work in other countries. It may be that the signal types are different enough between the other providers that they don't work. Then again, it may also be that the settings need to be...
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    I need help on my s7 wallpaper

    Since I switched to FroyoFusion, I haven't even thought about other launchers. Sorry, but I don't think I can help here.
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    I need help on my s7 wallpaper

    Are you using the standard wallpaper, and alternate or a homemade wallpaper?
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    [ROM] tri_zet IDEOS_S7 Slim Mod

    Tutorial for CWM isn't really necessary. Joenilan has a script that takes care of it. The link he gave me is : - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! Also, Joe's instructions in the FroyoFusion thread is very easy to follow.