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    There are no Android devices associated with this account?

    Just download amazon app store and forget the market. Almost all apps are there for free.
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    There are no Android devices associated with this account?

    go to (create amazon account if you dont have one) on the top left there is a spot to enter a mobile # or email. Enter the email address that comes to your tablet (use the same email when setting up amazon acct.) An email will be sent...
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    There are no Android devices associated with this account?

    how exactly to do you log out of the account? Are you talking about in the browser? Any idea how to access the market app? I keep getting a server error. I flashed with firmware 2852 and after rebooting, I was able to hook to the market via the app on the tablet, downloaded facebook and titanium...
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    Google Marketplace Server Error

    I am having the same issue, I updated to firmware 2852 yesterday, and connected to wifi, loaded facebook, titanium backup, and then went to fb app, signed it for a little bit, came back to market app, and now getting server error. any ideas? I did go to the browser, loaded slideme and was ablet...
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    [ROM] Flytouch 256M 1.9.1_fast_(350MHz)_furious: rooted,market,new kernel

    hello i just dowloaded the file link you posted. i unzipped it to my SD card and put the SD card in my flytouch. I powered it up and it said booting from SD. Then it said it was done in like 5 seconds and it said to remove SD and reboot. So i removed the card and powered it down and back on and...
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    Flytouch/LANPAD/aPad FIRMWARE 1.6 LINK with Minimal Instructions

    Hello I did exactly what you said, and it only took my tablet like 5 seconds to burn the file.Is this normal? I also got the virus delete message when unzipping the file. Is that okay? After removing the card, it did not power down on its own, i had to hold the power button down until it turned...
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    Guide to rooting generic epad

    hello Lump, maybe you can help me, I purchased a generic epad (china) and I have had it around 3 months and its been operating fine but I updated it a couple days ago and now its stuck on a calibration screen and i cant get the touch screen to do anything. I used a wireless mouse a couple times...
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    Cannot update or do a factory reset...

    I updated my 2,2 superpad (china) and now i am stuck on the calibration screen as well with no response from the touch screen, i tried a wireless mouse and the cursor comes on and it worked before I updated but still no response from the screen via hand touch or mouse cursor now. Please help.