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    Internet for Andriod 4.04

    You want to use ur PC net for android with USB so try Reverse tethering, Google it. Worked for me 100% I can access internet on my 4.0.3 tablet via USB.
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    Help Me Please

    Can u explain in detail plz, what problems u have? What tablet say? Why cant u access?
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    Cant find driver for my tablet.

    Bumping the thread in hope that somebody can still help me.
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    Cant find driver for my tablet.

    I cant find my driver for zync Q8, Theres no driver on site too. I can use usb debug to connect to my pc but for some other apps i need drivers. I googled but found nothing, My Device manager shows an device named Android with yellow icon. When I open it, it says it has no driver installed. Plz...
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    Hi !!! Friendz..New Here

    Thx and BTW can u tell me what r these points and levels or any link to understand what is that under my name?
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    Hi !!! Friendz..New Here

    HI I just joined forum cos got new Zync Q8 tablet. Just read some good threads here. Really very helpful info given here. Link for specs of my Tablet cos nobody know this name. Zync Q8 Price, Specifications, Review and Images