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    [GUIDE] Transferring Files To And From Tablet

    Very awesome App the WIFI FILE transfer!!
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    [GUIDE] Transferring Files To And From Tablet

    I just Noticed where u already replied to me..Sorry about that..
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    [GUIDE] Transferring Files To And From Tablet

    Let me better word that.. Does it allow you to view the actual screen of the tablet through the computer screen? Ive got a NO NAME brand Generic Tablet and When i connect it to my computer everything installs and says its good to go except the 'ANDROID'dEVICE says its missing and cant find...
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    [GUIDE] Transferring Files To And From Tablet

    The wifi info you suggested @ Leeshor does that allow you to actually see your device on your PC? oR JUst the files on it?
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    [GUIDE] Transferring Files To And From Tablet

    Leshor I bought a Generic Tablet by mistake from (Gotta watch that place, they will switch products up on ya when shipping time comes) Anyway I can attach my tablet to my computer and it completes everything far as i know to transfer/share files from tab to comp or vice versa, but...
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    PC Does Not Recognize Tablet as Removable Device

    I'm basicly in the same boat as you bro; I also Orderd a Tablet from Nomorerack and got some unbranded generic tablet. Runs Android and works well but As u said my computer says it cant find a driver for it.. I got a 9' and my specs are a little different. But mine also says TY_POLARIS in it...
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    Need some Expert Help.Please read . Thanks

    Ok so i ended up buying a What i thought to be Brand name tablet off of ,Well now that i have it i find out its some Generic.. Runs Android. Here is all the info in the 'ABOUT TABLET' area.. It just came in a Box that said ANDROIDGOOGLE PLAY.. Here is the info inside about the...
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    Hi Everyone ! New Guy Here!

    Just wanted to stop in and say HEY! to everyone on the site, Looks like a great place full of great info and awesome people. Im from The Lovely South Carolina!!! Anyway I'm really needing some expert help about my tablet i bought. I'll post that in another area though! Look forward to chatting...
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    Hello from South Carolina

    Hey There fellow South carolinaian! Im also from South C. Down around the Beaufort/Hilton head/Bluffton area..